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DayTrader Pro Mini-Dow Swing Trader

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Actual Live (Not Backtesting) Performance Summary

***Past performance may not be necessarily indicative of future results


Simplemente DayTrader Pro Mini-Dow Swing Trader


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These results are based on 1 contract, with a standing balance of $5,000.00. All commissions and fees are included in the profit/loss calculation.
System Description   Statistical Summary

Market Sector: Indices

Markets Traded: NYSE

System Type: Swing Trading

Trading Rules: Swing Trading 24 hours per day until Friday close of session. 

Suggested Capital: $5,000.00

Monthly Subscription: $129.00

System Description:

As a swing trader, this algorythm will take advantage or larger movements in the market. Exit is a percent trailing.

Swing Trading YM
Tracked Since: May 22, 2017
  Profit/Loss Total $801.56
  Projected Annual Rate of Return 496.97%
  Current Return on Initial Capital 16.03%
  Profit Factor 83.30
  Total # of Trades 6
  Winning # of Trades 5
  Average Winning $162.26
  Average Losing ($9.74)
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Latest Closed Trades

Date Exchange Market Buy Sell Result
5/26/2017 Comex Indices   ✔️ $150.26
5/24/2017 Comex Indices ✔️   $150.26
5/23/2017 Comex Indices   ✔️ $130.26

Actual Performance Data

Life of System

Traded Since Profits Losses Wins Losses Trades Profit/Loss
May 22, 2017 $801.56 ($9.74) 5 1 6 $801.56

Yearly Results

  Profits Losses Wins Losses Trades Profits/Loss
2017 Results $801.56 ($9.74) 5 1 6 $801.56

Monthly Results

  Profits Losses Wins Losses Trades Profit/Loss
May, 2017 $801.56 ($9.74) 5 1 6 $801.56






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